Removal Of Skin Tags


A skin tag is the hanging flesh. Skin tags, also known as,’Acrochorda’,are painless. They can be found everywhere but mainly they are found on armpit, eyelids, neck, groin. Skin tags are result of a skin rubbing against the skin.

You might not believe but skin tags can be treated. One may choose to remove it at home or to seek dermatologist’s help for the same. Curing skin tags does not necessarily involve heavy surgery. When they lead to irritation, a dermatologist should be consulted right away. It is possible that new skin tags may form even though existing tags are removed.

Surgery is very pricey, hence treating skin tags at home always gets an upper hand. Applying a fingernail polish three times a day till the skin tag falls off. Amongst all, it is the simplest. Simple application of a band aid with vitamin E may also suffice. You will have to wait a little and it will fall. Using a disinfected scissor to pluck the tag is indeed a faster way but two things should be kept in mind:1.  Scissor should be disinfected and 2. You may require alcohol afterwards to rub on the skin to prevent infection. Thin string or a dental floss may also tied to the tag. You may wonder, but the logic behind such method is to cut the blood supply, which will eventually result in it’s fall. Also, apple cider vinegar, if regularly applied to tags, without fail, for about three weeks to remove skin tags. Skin tags, when treated at home, may not guarantee safety. After removing a skin tag at home, it may bleed, so one should see a doctor, if the bleeding persists.

One may also consider to purchase over-the-counter products to help remove skin tags. Medicines consisting natural components are always preferable since they do not cause side-effects. A range of homeopathic products is also available in the market.

. Using a surgical treatment is always considered to be a last resort.

Normally, a person having skin tag suffers from lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. People suffer not only physically but also psychologically.

Weight loss may also help prevent skin tags. Hormonal levels amongst the pregnant women make it a difficult to prevent skin tags. Avoiding junk food is the best solution not only to control harmful calories in your body but surprisingly also to prevent skin tags.

Whether skin tags are transmitted hereditary or not cannot be firmly said. It is mainly found in the people with the diabetes. These are formed by illegal steroid use. Skin tags are seen more frequent amongst people over forty. They tend to form again on any part of the body, even though they are eradicated.

Treatment is mandatory for skin tags if they are not at small-sized. So, have no fear of skin tags.

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